About Calvary Community Ministries

CCM is dedicated in Reaching the lost, Rebuilding  Broken lives and Raising Disciples.

Church History

CCM was established by Rev. Dr. M. Vincent Samuel in the year 1981 and is now led by Rev. V. Premnath Samuel. 4 decades has elapsed since this ministry had its inception.

Our ministries, started as Calvary Community Church with a charismatic Pentecostal fellowship at Adyar, Chennai. Furthermore, the ministry is extended in many other parts of India and beyond.

Our Vision

Spreading God’s Word

Embracing the Apostolic model of Discipleship, focusing on South East Chennai by recognizing, identifying the grace upon zealous individuals to build God’s Kingdom through Evangelism, Community Services and Discipleship by Equipping, Empowering and Establishing the believers through small groups in India and its neighboring countries.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the One true God (the Holy Trinity of The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit)
We believe in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We believe in the fall of man and the salvation of man

We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

We believe in the church, its mission and ministry (evangelism & worship)
We believe that Jesus lived, died, and was buried on this earth and resurrected on the third day
We believe in the rapture and the Second Coming of Christ
We believe in blessed hope and millennial reign of Christ
We believe in the final Judgment

Our Pastors

Rev Dr M Vincent Samuel

Rev. Dr M. Vincent Samuel the Founder of Calvary Community Church is a Bible Scholar, Apostle, Teacher, Pastor, Musician, and Devotional Song Writer, who has written hundreds of songs thus far, with nearly 5 decades of active involvement and experience in the improvised holistic ministry. His leadership is recognized by the Senior leaders in our city. From the beginning of Calvary Community Church in 1981, he has lovingly and skillfully overseen its physical and spiritual growth. He has taught & trained many who have, in turn, gone on their own missions for the Glory of Christ. His passion for improving the welfare and development of the wider community is awesome! Amongst other things, he is the Founder and Chairman of Mizpah Charitable Trust– a Govt. recognized NGO, which provides many services to the impoverished and underprivileged, and actively involved in a lot of community development programs. His talents also spread to mass media ministry. Past 10 years, he has been preaching through several Christian channels to reach out millions of people spread over 110 countries.

Rev. Premnath Samuel

Pr. Prem is blessed with a wonderful, God fearing wife – Ms. Priya Premnath who also pastor’s along with him. The couple is blessed with a loving son – Anish Philip who has been nurtured to honor God through his musical gifts and talents. He is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Community Church. He is a Bible Teacher, Pastor and Music Minister with over 25 plus years of Active involvement and experience in Church Ministry. He is passionately involved in Church planting, Missions, City wide Youth Movement, Praise & Worship and Music Ministry. He is one of the young leaders in Joshua generation who are impacting the city of Chennai for Christ. Having finished his Masters in Theology from ‘The Theological Centre for Asia’ at Singapore, he started his pastoral ministry in Calvary Community Church in the year 1997 along with his father Rev. Dr. M. Vincent Samuel. Pr. Premnath Samuel is well known for his innovative ideas and a deep desire to focus on youth, whom he believes will be the future leaders of the Christian world. He is gifted with the art of pioneering challenging ideas. This enabled him to expand Calvary Community Church to Calvary Community Ministries by planting churches in North India. He has also pioneered Contemporary Café Church in the year 2011.

Pas. Priya Premnath

She is the Associate Pastor of Calvary Community Church. She comes from a highly educated background, she has a heart to serve the lord right from her young age. Grew up in a traditional church and later accepted the lord as her personal savior in the first year of her research scholarship in Medical Biochemistry. She was then married to pastor Premnath in the year 2000 and later became a fulltime worker in the ministry.
She started her ministry by serving as a cell group leader and fully taking up the children’s ministry. Very soon she started to serve as an assistant pastor along with her husband and was later ordained as pastor in 2011. She is a gifted teacher and preacher with great administrational skills.

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